The work I am most proud of is the work created through deep collaboration with other people. Here are a few of those.  

Even the River Starts Small  

Even the River Starts Small is a collection of stories from the movement to stop construction of the Line 3 pipeline through northern Minnesota. It features anonymous writing, art, and photos spanning nearly a decade, and includes reflections on many of the diverse experiences that made up this grassroots resistance. There are 300 pages of writing and visual art in the collection published in full color.

In collaboration with an incredible team of organizers, writers, and artists who collaborated to bring this book to life, and the thousands of people that made up this movement. 

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So Far From Care: The long road from Far West Texas to get an abortion

"In the wake of the Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade, people in states around the country are now finding themselves forced to travel long distances to access legal abortion. But in Far West Texas, that’s long been the reality. In a special series, three Big Bend residents share their stories of traveling to get an abortion over the last 15 years."

In collaboration with Annie Rosenthal and Marfa Public Radio, this series of illustrations accompany three powerful audio stories about women in West Texas seeking Abortion care. Listen to these stories here.

What to Expect when you’re Expecting... Cicadas!

For 17 long years, millions of tiny creatures have been holed up in the soil under our feet. Now, the periodical cicadas are coming out -- and they’re everywhere! This book is your trusty guide to the world of these fascinating insects -- complete with surprising biological information, colorful illustrations, and even recipes for preparing your own cicada treats!

Written by Dr. Martha Weiss, Georgetown University


Macalester Geography Department Logo

I worked with former professors of mine and current Geography students to come up with a logo and some branding that encompass some of the many things that the field of geography includes.

This design is a building block, representating the interconnected and expanding field of geography. There are human and non-human elements, data and infographic representations, natural landscapes and the built environment. 



Regenerative Cities: A Curriculum Exploration 

This poster was made to present the research that I did over a semester and summer with Prof. Jim Dolye from the Macalester Physics department. We co-explored the field of biomimicry, sustainable design, and regenerative design, and wrote a curriculum for a first-year course that we taught in Fall 2020. 

Seasons of Citizenship

"Join us in exploring the ways we can build an equitable clean energy future, all year round. We all have a role to play in imagining, designing, creating, and sustaining a climate-adapted Minnesota." - 100% MN

These postcards were part of the Seasons of Citizenship mailing campaign, sent to thousands of people, encouraging people to take climate and justice action in Minnesota. 

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